Sunday, September 30, 2012

Racist Or Fashion Forward?

I found this article over at Harriet and I have to say that I agree with her article.
It's glaring the fact that being black in the lens is not accepted, unless they have some depleted role for your character.

There were no Black women modeling any of the more than 80 looks presented at the Dolce & Gabbana show. Our only appearance was hanging on the ears of pale models and adorning their bodies. We should be upset that our disembodied heads are welcome in spaces where our physical presences are not.

Are we so starved for cultural validation that we'll mistake any representation, no matter how damaging, for tribute? We are living, breathing beings not things to be collected as kitsch.  

Fashion has an accountability problem, those who are excluded and erased are going to have to demand it. Dolce & Gabbana should not be allowed to profit off of perpetuating racist cultural myths. The willful colonization of Black culture in the fashion industry needs to be addressed. Our bodies are not trends. Our history is not free for consumption and misappropriation.

Read more of her article here
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