Friday, May 3, 2013

Ever Get Passionate About A Piece Of Clothing?

I'm very passionate about this dress on Amazon that I've been eyeing for months! I keep waiting to have enough money to buy it.

I keep wondering where I'd wear it to.

I keep seeing how great I'd look in it.

I've visited and lusted after this simple and cute dress for so long that it jarred me when I saw it was dry clean only.  So it was like a wake up slap and I wont be able to purchase it anymore, but gosh at least I know and wasn't shocked to find out I couldn't wash it.

Sometimes what you think you need so bad, you really don't.

Plus where would I wear it to?
Where would you wear it to? Would you wear it? It's so beautiful isn't it. Simple and beautiful. Oh and let's not forget how much I LOVE red! The black is very nice too. Sigh. I just love the dress.
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