Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#Win A ProForm Proform Performance 400 S Treadmill

Great way to begin the New Year!

I am all for a new me! Especially my heart. That thing is broken and needs fixing. But let's talk about the body. My body needs conditioning. I need to see my dancing machine again! I've tried, I've become lazy, I'd tried and yet I fall off the exercise wagon too long for one reason or the other. 

But I know how great it is to have good health and also to keep the body as a whole primed for living. I'll get back up again and again and again. Now come have fun with us in the New Year, New You Giveaway Event!  So many prizes!

I would LOVE to own this treadmill! Wouldn't you? It would sure mix things up for me!

Good luck!